What is propZOO Property Exchange?


It is the most cost-effective way of distributing your property instructions and requirements to the most up-to-date database of UK commercial property contacts enabling you to more accurately target the recipients of your particulars.


Why property people use us.

There are no subscription charges, it is low cost, Pay As You Go, easy to use and you create and control your own distribution of your property particulars/requirements to thousands of commercial agents, landlords, developers, investors, retailers and operators.


Additional FREE benefits

Apart from your property particulars/requirements being distributed to your chosen recipients, your instructions will also be listed against your profile on the propZOO Contact Database, so when someone searches you on propZOO, the search results page will not only show your full contact details but also the properties you personally are marketing and your clients requirements. So all your fellow professionals can see in an instant what you are selling, letting and what your requirements are. If you don’t want to distribute your property particulars, you can still add your instructions for FREE against your profile.


How it works

Step 1 – Register with propZOO if you have not already done so via the Register Tab.
Step 2 – Login to your propZOO account
Step 3 – Select the POST AD menu option
Step 4 – Select the “Propzoo Property Exchange Order Form” Tab
Step 5 – Complete the one page order form, selecting which sectors and regions you want your instruction to be sent to, attach your particulars and a photo of the property
Step 6 – Its one quick and easy card payment and your instruction will be appear on the next days “Propzoo Commercial Property List”.

All lists will be distributed daily by email at approx. 6am the next working day, ready for all to browse through and download any instructions your recipients are interested in.

Depending on what Sectors and Regions you have chosen on the order form, your instructions will appear on specially focused lists eg RETAIL-LONDON,  OFFICE-NORTHWEST, LEISURE-MIDLANDS etc

Its simple, compact and all in one email.

Recipients of the “Propzoo Commercial Property List” can click onto the VIEW LIST button to download the specific list of interest and then download the individual particulars/requirements.

Property List


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Our pricing is simple and flexible. You are in charge of how much you wish to spend.

£9.95 plus VAT, gives you one circular to ONE SECTOR and ONE REGION

If you wish to target more contacts, each additional SECTOR or REGION will only cost you an additional £1.95 plus VAT.

You just select your options for Sector and Regions and our Order Form will automatically price your campaign up for you. You can always deselect to ensure you are always within your budget. Its that straight forward. The good news is that it is FREE during the launch phase if you use the promocode FREEADVERT.